Apostasy From The Gospel

The Puritan theologian, John Owen, has sometimes been called the “John Calvin of the English speaking world.” Given such accolades, it would seem reasonable for Christians to be familiar with his writings. Banner of Truth Publishers has done the 21st century church a great service by reprinting, editing and updating for easier reading many of Owen’ works.  Apostasy from the Gospel is one such book.

While this is not a topic that we hear much of in our day, apostasy is a biblical concept that should be taken seriously by all professing Christians.  In only 166 pages, Owen admonishes Christians to consciously hold fast to the gospel of grace and warns against neglecting the great salvation we have in Christ.  I highly recommend this work for Owens’ theological depth, superb use of biblical references, and relevant application to the Christian life. In this small volume, Owen assists those readers that are looking to strengthen their commitment to follow their Lord in the beauty of holiness.



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