Pastor’s October Book Selection

Hide Or Seek: When Men Get Real With God About Sex by John Freeman

In today’s world, and in the Church, sexual struggles are too often kept in the closet by people wanting to be set free, but terrified about opening up to others. Consequently, they live in the shadows, vainly trying to shed the guilt and shame of their battles, while growing more and more hopeless as time wears on. John Freeman, founder and director of Harvest Ministries, has provided a great resource for this problem. Drawing from real-life accounts, and years of experience the author describes, analyzes, and offers hope to men caught in the relentless cycle of sin, shame, repentance, and further sin. Freeman does not simply offer shallow self-help techniques that never seem to work, rather, he walks with the reader through the lonely and debilitating helplessness that accompanies habitual sexual sin. Shining the light of the gospel into the darkness of despair “Hide or Seek” lets the reader see Jesus standing with him in the midst of his sin, pain, and confusion. If you are one that struggles with pornography or other unhealthy sexual practices, this book will give you confidence that God is able and willing to change your heart, that he has provided the means to do so, and that (as it says in chapter 9) he will lead you out of the fog and into the light of a life of repentance. I cannot recommend a book on this topic more highly than Hide or Seek.

Bill Mayk

Pastor’s September Book Selection

The Holy Bible by God

I had already chosen a book to recommend this September when I decided instead to suggest The Holy Bible. There are many other fine works by Christian authors throughout the centuries that can be beneficial to our spiritual growth. However, none of them have any lasting value unless they teach what God has revealed in the Scriptures.

As God’s people, we believe the Bible to be the inerrant and infallible Word of God that is necessary for our salvation and growth in godliness. Our own confessional standards teach us that only in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments do we learn how to glorify and enjoy God. It is for these reasons that I recommend that we all either continue or begin to, not only read select portions of the Scriptures on a daily basis, but that (as much as possible) we read and meditate deeply on the entire Bible, seeking to hear from the Holy Spirit and to apply God’s word to every area of our lives.

Consequently, I highly recommend The Holy Bible to all those wishing to know God, to be saved by our Redeemer, and to grow in godliness, glorifying and enjoying our Father, His eternal Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Pastor’s August Book Selection

The Time Is At Hand by Jay Adams

The Book of Revelation is certainly one of the most debated books of Scripture. Many people tend to approach it as though it were a biblical crystal ball that depicts current news accounts spread out before their eyes from the pen of an apostle living 2,000 years ago. Others read it as a duty without any sense that it can be understood by the normal person. And finally, others simply disregard it altogether. But what if this ancient prophecy actually spoke clearly to people in the first century about major events in their day, while offering encouragement to saints throughout the ages? In his short work, “The Time Is At Hand”, Jay Adams approaches Revelation from the perspective that the prophecies were written prior to 70 AD, and therefore describe the destruction of the Jerusalem temple and the fall of Rome, rather than the rapture, the second coming of Christ, a future physical millennium, and the end of the world as we understand it. While I do not agree with everything in this book, it is nevertheless a very helpful work that opens the reader’s eyes to a different understanding of the apostle John’s vision. Although Adams does tend to be rather technical in some areas, I recommend “The Time Is At Hand” to those wishing to break free from the various scenarios that turn Revelation into more of a comic book fantasy than a prophetic word of God to beleaguered Christians in the first century,