Book Suggestion October 2012

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Knowing Scripture

By: R.C. Sproul

Pastor’s Description

Once again Christians are under attack by those that believe it is impossible for the normal believer to understand the meaning of Scripture for him/herself. We are being told that any attempt to interpret the Bible ourselves ultimately leads to subjectivism, where one person’s opinion has no more validity than that of another.
In this small book R.C. Sproul deals with that criticism by offering a solid approach to Bible study that rejects subjectivism and leads to an objective understanding of Scripture. I recommend this book for those wishing to strengthen their ability to know the word of God, which is able to make us wise for salvation in Christ Jesus.

The following summary from the Ligonier web page offers further insight into this volume:

The Bible is the written Word of God, and it is treasured by many. But it is also an ancient book about people and cultures very different than us. Thus, while we know we should read it, many of us have a hard time understanding the Bible.
In this updated edition of Knowing Scripture, R. C. Sproul helps us dig out the meaning of Scripture for ourselves. The author says, “The theme of this book is not how to read the Bible but how to study the Bible.” He presents in simple, basic terms a commonsense approach to studying Scripture and gives eleven practical guidelines for biblical interpretation and applying what we learn. With a minimum of technical jargon, Sproul tackles some of the knotty questions regarding differences of interpreting the Bible, including

  • discovering the meanings of biblical words
  • understanding Hebrew poetry, proverbs and parables
  • approaching historical and didactic passages
  • being careful with predictive prophecy
  • discerning how culture conditions the Bible
  • choosing and using Bible translations, commentaries, Bible software and other help

Knowing Scripture is a basic book for both beginning Bible readers and experienced students of Scripture.


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