Engaging with Atheists by David Robertson

Engaging with Atheists by David Robertson

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – July, 2015

Monthly Book Suggestion July 2015Written by a pastor in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Engaging with Atheists attempts to encourage and equip the Christian to reach out to their friends and neighbors that have been raised with no recognition of God’s existence or that have discarded the Christian faith for various reasons and now consider themselves atheists. The author tries to help the reader understand the positions that atheists hold, common misconceptions about Christianity, and the questions atheists may inwardly have about the issues of life. Throughout this small book Robertson approaches his topic with a fairminded and gracious attitude, remembering that atheists are human beings made in God’s image and deserving of love and respect. I would recommend this short book as a starter for those who are interested in reaching their unbelieving friends with the gospel but often find it difficult to know where to begin.




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