Book Suggestion June 2012

Suggestion from the Pastor

Three Free Sins

By: Steve Brown

Pastor’s Description

Three Free Sins is a book that exposes the facade of the perfect Christian life.  Written in Steve Brown’s witty and somewhat sarcastic style, it challenges Christians to lay aside our fear of failure before God and embrace the unmerited favor that sets us free from playing church.

If you are tired of trying to be better, tired of your failure and tired of asking how God could love someone like you … read this book.

If you are tired of all those sinful Christians around you, definitely … read this book.

And if you go to church and do the Christian thing because, “that’s what good people do” … read this book.

As you read, be aware that Steve will challenge your assumptions about what it means to be a Christian.  He’ll ruffle feathers. And he’ll say some things with which you don’t agree.  But in the end, he will invite the reader to relax and breath the fresh air of the grace of our loving Savior.

While reading Three Free Sins I laughed, winced, felt convicted and finally rejoiced in the God who is not mad at me. Although I do not agree with everything the author writes and would not necessarily express myself in the same way that he does, I highly recommend this book as a help for those needing to rest in Jesus.



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