Pastor’s February Book Selection

Defiant Grace by Dane Ortlund

In this short work by Dane Ortlund the reader is given a fresh view of God’s grace as presented in the four gospels. Traditionally the four Gospels are said to focus on Jesus as King in Matthew, Jesus as Servant in Mark, Jesus as Savior for all peoples in Luke, and Jesus as God in John. While each of these is true and helpful, Ortlund’s Defiant Grace takes the reader on a new journey, where Matthew uncovers the paradox of disobedient obedience, Mark looks at the king treated as a criminal, Luke investigates outsiders becoming insiders, and John sees the Creator becoming a creature. Each small chapter will challenge the reader to meditate on and appreciate the mission of Jesus as seen from four unique Gospel perspectives. For those who wish to enjoy a drink from the fountain of grace, come and read Defiant Grace.

Bill Mayk
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Bill is the founding pastor of Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church (PCA) Prior to beginning this church planting work in the Pottstown area, Bill served as a hospice chaplain and a missionary to Mexico and Jordan. Bill earned his MDiv from Biblical Theological Seminary.