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Of all the books that Christians should read, it goes without saying that the Bible tops the list. However, many of us struggle with finding the time to do more than a cursory perusal of a verse here or a chapter there.  Consequently, we either give up and neglect the Scriptures in our daily routine or we read without any systematic method in mind.

Inter-Varsity Press has been producing Search The Scriptures for decades. This concise course takes the reader through a daily study plan that covers each book of the Bible. It is specifically designed for busy people that have a desire to know God’s word but believe that any valuable study would require hours that they simply don’t have because of the time-consuming responsibilities they already encounter.

Each day’s lesson should take about 30 minutes and is meant to draw us closer to God rather than to simply read the Bible as an academic exercise. While anyone can profit from using this study guide along with your Bible, I would suggest that the reader also purchase a study Bible as the notes might be valuable when attempting to understand a difficult biblical passage.  The ESV Study Bible, The Reformation Study Bible (formerly New Geneva Study Bible), or The NIV Study Bible are probably the best choices.

I highly recommend IVP’s Search The Scriptures as an aid to busy Christians that wish to draw closer to our Savior through the study of God’s holy word



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