Seasons of Waiting: Walking By Faith When Dreams Are Delayed, Betsy Childs Howard

Seasons of Waiting: Walking By Faith When Dreams Are Delayed

By: Betsy Childs Howard

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – February, 2017

Seasons of Waiting Was recommended to me by a member of our congregation. A good look at how God uses the periods of waiting throughout our lives to bring us closer to Himself, this short read serves to encourage those who might be feeling as though God simply isn’t hearing them. The majority of the book contains various accounts of believers who waited on the Lord throughout difficult circumstances and learned to turn waiting into a time of fellowship with God. Personally, I gained the most from the chapters at the end of the book. These helped me to gain a sense of the God who is there in my trials, as well as underscoring how waiting faithfully on the Lord can be a powerful testimony to unbelievers and an encouragement to the church. I recommend this easy but profound read to those who are enduring the long night of waiting for the morning.


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