Book Suggestion September 2012

Suggestion from the Pastor

John Calvin: A Biography

By: T.H.L. Parker

Pastor’s Description

In this conscience biography, T.H.L. Parker paints a portrait of possibly the most important Protestant Reformer next to Martin Luther.  Placing Calvin in his historical setting, Parker examines the life, theology and ministry of the man who became the theologian of  the Reformation.  This lively biography details Calvin’s family,  childhood, entrance into the Reformed movement, ministry and personal life.

Through this book we can see Calvin’s high view of the Sovereignty of God, Scripture and the Church. The reader is given a good opportunity to examine and judge some of Calvin’s more controversial decisions in the context of the age in which he lived.

I highly recommend this volume for anyone interested in knowing more of this Reformer, understanding his theology in light of his life and simply enjoying a book that demonstrates the highs and lows of a fallible man used mightily by God.



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