Why I Am Not An Atheist: Facing The Inadequacies Of Unbelief, edited by David J. Randall

Why I Am Not An Atheist: Facing The Inadequacies Of Unbelief

Edited by David J. Randall

August 2015 Book ReviewThe Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – August, 2015

Following up with the theme from last month’s book selection in which the author attempted to encourage Christians to reach their unbelieving acquaintances, the book suggestion for August, Why I Am Not An Atheist, offers insight from eleven people with various backgrounds that give cogent reasons as to why they are not atheists. Each chapter contains evidence for the truth of the Christian faith as well as attesting to the weakness of an atheistic worldview. Among the contributors to this work is a scientist, CEO, psychiatrist, journalist, missionary and pastor. While each of the writers provide their own particular perspective on the topic, I found the observations by the psychiatrist Pablo Martinez to be particularly helpful. His discussion concerning the makeup of an individual as well as his/her relationship to others and to the world demonstrated the weakness of atheism and the strength of the gospel in relation to questions about the human need for identity, purpose, and hope. While only the Holy Spirit can bring a person to faith, I recommend this short but insightful book as an instrument that can encourage believers and challenge those that consider themselves atheists or agnostics.




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