A Faith Worth Sharing, C. John Miller

A Faith Worth Sharing

By: C. John Miller

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – February, 2016

Book Suggestion February 2016A Faith Worth Sharing was the last book written by John (Jack) Miller before he went home to be with the Lord. It is an encouraging and challenging set of accounts focusing on Jack’s own development as a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The author takes us through his own personal journey as he learned what it meant to share the good news of his Savior by stepping into the lives of others and finding the need for God’s grace in his own struggles. Although Jack Miller became a pastor and seminary professor, he found that he had lost sight of the joy of knowing Christ and had become more of a joyless pharisee than a joyful child of God. This short volume relates how the gospel not only restored a man who had become prideful, critical and disillusioned, but it reveals how all Christians can experience a spiritual refreshment by embracing the marvelous grace of God. I highly recommend this book as an encouragement in our spiritual journey.




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