Book Suggestion April 2012

Suggestion from the Pastor

The Cross of Christ

By: John Stott (IVP)

Pastor’s Description

In this work, John Stott demonstrates the absolute necessity that Christ die as the substitutionary sacrifice for sinners and that His death brings victory to every aspect of the believer’s life.
The book is divided into four major sections.
The first includes an historical perspective of the cross throughout Christian history,  the necessity of Christ’s death, and a discussion of those responsible.
The second part deals with what Stott calls “the heart of the cross.”  Here he discussed the idea of divine forgiveness being predicated upon the death of Jesus, the satisfaction of the holy love of God, and the substitutionary nature of the atonement.
The third section concentrates on the positive effects of the cross, which include the salvation of sinners, the revelation of God, and Christ’s victory over evil.
The final division concerns the life of the Church as experienced through worship, mutual service within the body, loving those outside the church, and dealing with suffering.
There are few book I would recommend as highly as this volume.  Although the subject matter contains history, theology and Christian practice, Stott’s warm style makes these 300 pages readable and devotionally engaging.  I highly recommend The Cross of Christ to anyone wishing to dig deeply into the centerpiece of our faith.



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