Born Again, By: Charles Colson

Born Again

By: Charles Colson

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – July, 2016

Monthly Book Suggestion July 2016After quoting from Charles Colson’s memoir, Born Again in a sermon and shortly thereafter hearing a colleague quote from the same book, I thought it might be a good idea to recommend this for reading.

Although the events of the early 1970’s may seem like ancient history to many, the conversion story of Charles Colson is a timeless account of the power of the gospel to change lives. As the Chief Counsel for President Nixon, Colson had reached the pinnacle of worldly power only to be brought low by scandal and corruption before encountering the saving power of the cross. Born Again is the personal testimony of how Jesus Christ transforms the human heart and turns sinners into saints. I recommend this work for its historical content as well as the powerful spiritual message it proclaims.




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