King of Merchants

Most Christians desire to take the New Testament seriously and live in the world as citizens of the kingdom of God.  In the book John Wanamaker: King of Merchants, the author provides a glimpse of a man that did just that.

Many people from the Philadelphia area know of the Wanamaker name through the once successful department store chain in this region. What they might not know is that the founder, John Wanamaker, was a committed Christian, who helped to start a number of Presbyterian churches, was the secretary of the YMCA when it was known mostly for its evangelism, and spent much of his wealth and time for the betterment of others.

Although Wanamaker was not without his faults, such as joining the Masons at one point, his desire to make his entire life a promotion of the gospel is a great lesson in seeking first the kingdom of God in all our endeavors. I highly recommend this book as a good read over summer vacation.



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