Don’t Waste Your Life

A Single Passion To Live By

Are you a young adult in senior high, heading off to college or in college? If so get connected this summer with us.

Come to exciting study on the meaning of your life – A life lived gladly to make others glad in God, means a life of hardships, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full.

Purpose Statement

To communally pursue a passion for God’s supremacy, by enjoying God and introducing others to His ultimate worth.

Group Composition

A community group of senior high, twenties and their friends from Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church.
Facilitators: Warren Crosby & Ed Allen
Elder/Coach: Gabriel Santa Maria
Locations: Homes, Starbucks at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets


Don’t Waste Your Life Study Edition and Study Guide by John Piper
Download Study Guide


We will use the prayer method: “Praying the Psalms.” To encourage a commitment to group prayer, and to help the group learn by practice and experience the role the Word in prayer.


We will exist to encourage one another in the gospel. In addition, we will seek to serve those around us by loving them and introducing them to the gospel. Our community will manifest itself in the cultivation of personal relationships, Tuesday meetings, social/hospitality fellowship and outreach opportunities.


Want to know more?

Contact Warren Crosby
484.941.2781 | [email protected]