Five English Reformers, By J.C. Ryle

Five English Reformers

By: J.C. Ryle

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – October, 2015

Monthly Book Suggestion Octocber 2015Every so often Christians can be blessed by being reminded of the struggles that previous generations endured for the sake of the gospel. In 1890 the Anglican bishop, J.C. Ryle penned a small but powerful book entitled Light from Old Times. This little work has been reprinted and released by Banner of Truth Trust under the name, Five English Reformers.

J.C. Ryle details the defense of the gospel and the martyrdom of five English churchmen during times of severe persecution in their nation. In my opinion, the first chapter entitled, “Why were our Reformers burned?” is worth the price of the book. The accounts of John Hooper, Rowland Taylor, Hugh Latimer, John Bradford, and Nicholas Ridley demonstrate the truth that although Christians may suffer and even die for the sake of Christ, they serve a God who will not desert them even in their darkest hours. I pray that all who read this work will be strengthened in their faith and emboldened in their conviction to stand for the gospel of grace. As we read the testimonies of these Protestant martyrs may we be reminded that God was faithful to ensure (as Bishop Latimer said to Ridley when dying at the stake) that their death would “light such a candle … (that) shall never be put out.” By God’s grace alone that small candle lit a gospel flame that still burns brightly in Bible believing churches throughout the world today




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