Heart Aflame: Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms, by John Calvin

Heart Aflame: Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms

By: John Calvin

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – April, 2016

Book Suggestion April 2016Many people have heard of John Calvin, claim to adhere to his theology, and either malign him or embrace him as a reformer and theologian. Yet, many of those same people have never read Calvin. The reason for that is understandable. He was one of the most prolific writers of the Protestant Reformation. Simply knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. In Heart Aflame, Presbyterian & Reformed Publishers have compiled a delightful array of meditations from Calvin’s commentary on the Psalms and placed it in a format for daily devotional reading. Working his way through the Psalms, Calvin gives insight into the wonder of God and the outworking of our relation with Him. I highly recommend this devotional by a man that believed the Psalms to be “An anatomy of all parts of the soul.”




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