New Women’s Study begins this week

Hello Ladies!

It is JUNE! Can you believe it?!? Summer is here and I am already behind! Can anyone relate?

Life is hectic! Family, church, work, laundry, we all are busy in some way. And I am sure, like me, you are thinking, I don’t have time for a summer Bible study! I felt the same way when this study was suggested, but then I started looking at the content and realized, I need to know THAT I AM in Jesus’ genealogy. MESS, SIN, FAILURE AND ALL, God has CHOSEN me to be in HIS GENEALOGY. WHY? Because He loves US and for that I am thankful!

A little caveat… maybe due to your schedule and what life has for you, you really cannot add one more thing to your plate. I understand that as well. God has been teaching me about finding REST in Him. I do not want to guilt you into overcommitting. If you find yourself too stressed to commit, consider doing this study on your own or just reaching out to someone to ask for prayer to stay connected even from a distance. Our goal is to be a body of sisters, connected in community, loving, serving and praying for one another whether we are in study together or not. Please, know we love you and want to hear from you. And join us when you can, even if that is once. You are what is important to us!


As an INDIVIDUAL: Grab a book at church on Sunday (or contact Sarah Walsh for a copy). Receive the weekly emails from Sarah with the link to the video and podcast to listen to for that week. Join us AUGUST 11 for a wrap-up party for the study.

As a PAIR: Grab a copy of the book from church (or contact Sarah Walsh for a copy) and find a friend to go through the study with. A weekly email will be sent with the study video/podcast for you to listen to and discuss. Then join us August 11 for a wrap up party.

As a GROUP: Grab a copy of the book and a group of people and meet together for 8 weeks through the summer. Watch the weekly video from the email and discuss. Join us August 11 to share what you all have learned. If you are interested in hosting a group, please let Sarah Walsh know so that she can make that information known to others in the church to join.

This is an 8-week study with 9 lessons. Confusing, but think of chapter 1 as an introduction. Weekly emails will begin NEXT week, June 7. If you would like more information, visit

There is a live kick off party on June 8 at 8pm with CDM. The link will be sent in next week’s email.

Grace and Peace Women are hosting a Wrap Up Party on August 11 at 7pm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Walsh (610-764-3800) with questions. We are very excited for how God is going to continue to weave our messy stories together to deepen our relationships with one another and bring Him glory.

Join US!
Sarah Walsh (on behalf of the Women’s Steering Committee)

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