Saved By Grace, by Anthony Hoekema

Book Review December 2014Pastor Bill Mayk provides an introduction to Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema.

The study of salvation is known as the doctrine of Soteriology. To the surprise of many Christians, this subject covers much more than the idea that a person must believe on Jesus to go to heaven. Numerous believers are unfamiliar with topics such as the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation, regeneration, repentance, and the nature and power of faith. Others find it difficult to distinguish between justification and sanctification, or to know whether salvation is secure or if it can be lost. Due to a lack of understanding about these issues, the spiritual life of many Christians is a constant struggle for the assurance of God’s love.

In his well written book, Saved By Grace, Anthony Hoekema clears up much of the ambiguity surrounding salvation. Using a rich array of scriptural references, citations from Church History, and a writing style that makes his material easy to understand, the author provides scholarly insight into this important theological doctrine.

I highly recommend this easy-to-read, yet rewarding volume for anyone interested in understanding the fullness of our salvation.

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