A Short Life Of Jonathan Edwards, George M. Marsden

A Short Life Of Jonathan Edwards

By: George M. Marsden

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – June, 2016

Monthly Book Suggestion June 2016What to read on summer vacation? … George Marsden is considered to be possibly the foremost living authority on Jonathan Edwards. His recent work, A Short Life Of Jonathan Edwards, is a nice introduction to the life and times of this important figure from colonial America. By weaving the life of Edwards together with insights about contemporary figures, such as Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield, the author presents a fascinating picture of the religious, social, and political landscape that lead up to the American Revolution and laid the groundwork for an evangelical tradition that continues to this day. In 145 pages Marsden offers a quick and enjoyable read about the man that many believe was the greatest theologian in American history. I highly recommend this as a book that may inspire as well as challenge the reader’s presuppositions about Christianity in America.




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