The Truth Of The Cross, R. C. Sproul

The Truth Of The Cross

By: R. C. Sproul

The Pastor’s Monthly Book Selection – October, 2016

Monthly Book Suggestion October 2016R.C. Sproul has written this helpful book on the atonement of Jesus Christ that is both informative and inspiring. Each chapter explains a different aspect of the atonement while showing the cross as the centerpiece of our salvation. Although there have been numerous great works written on this topic, many of them are either very lengthy or were penned in a style that is outdated to today’s reader. In 167 pages, this short book is an easy read that can be used for a devotional or to give to another Christian, wishing to have a better understanding of the significance of the cross of Christ. The final chapter includes numerous helpful questions and answers that are frequently asked in any discussion on the atonement. I recommend this fresh look at a timeless and important doctrine of the Faith




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